Hayley M. Jackson

High school is hard enough without dead people knocking on your door

Annie Greenwood has never been normal. Her entire life she has been living in two worlds - the world of the living, and the world of the dead.


After being run out of their country town in the Adelaide Hills, Annie and her family move to the inner city suburb of Ostium in hope of a fresh start. But it isn’t long before the ghosts of her past catch up with her. 

Annie’s hopes are in vain, when she finds out that she and her family have moved to the same town which is the hunting ground of a serial killer. 

Soon enough the tortured spirits of the killer's victims make contact, drawing her closer and closer to the killer's lair...

Ostium placed 3rd in the CYA Competition, 2018.


This short story follows 17 year old Verina, proud Pole and member of the underground resistance movement; Zygota, as she embarks on her perilous mission to free Jewish children from the horrors of the Warsaw Ghetto. 


Oppressed by the brutality of the Germans, fear is rife in Warsaw. In the face of adversary, Verina must find the strength within herself to keep her cool and avoid suspicion. Countless lives depend upon her. 


When a mole is discovered within the agency and a mysterious Irishman appears speaking of her imminent death, Verina starts to question where her loyalties should lie...


A split second is all that stands between life and death.


Rose Deegan is just another struggling university student in San Francisco until she finds herself catapulted backward through time - sent by an unknown force to save people from their untimely deaths.


Rose’s life turns into a whirlwind of madness as she attempts to deal with her newfound Travelling whilst juggling the pressures of university life as well as trying to manage her suppressed emotions from the death of her father, and her emerging feelings for her best friend Jude - despite the fact that he thinks she’s insane.


Aided by her new friend, happy go lucky Irishman and fellow Traveller, Patrick, Rose embarks on a hazardous journey of self-discovery and adventure as she fights off would be murderers and assailants throughout time.


When the lives of those she loves hang in the balance, will Rose find the strength to accept herself and her gift before time runs out?

Split Second placed 2nd in the CYA Competition, 2019.