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Hayley M. Jackson


High school is hard enough without the lingering dead knocking on your door

When the victims start appearing in her dreams, a reluctant teen psychic medium needs to overcome her fear of not fitting in and accept her abilities in order to find a sadistic serial killer before he kills again.

A YA paranormal thriller set to re-ignite your fear of the dark. 

Ostium Long-listed for QWC's Publishable Program in 2022

It also placed 3rd in the CYA Competition, 2018



A small town. A grisly murder. And a reluctant psychic medium. What could possibly go wrong?

A paranormal thriller crossed with a murder mystery. Whispers is a short story, and is a prelude to Ostium.

Whispers placed 2nd in the CYA Competition, 2020




If you could travel back in time, who would you save?


A struggling musician in SanFrancisco finds herself catapulted backward through time - sent by an unknown force to save would be victims from their untimely deaths. Grieving the recent death of her beloved father, she vows to do everything in her power to save him. But there are others who will the dead to remain dead. No matter the cost.

A New Adult time travel adventure.

Split Second placed 2nd in the CYA Competition, 2019

Book no.2
Split Second
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